Monday, March 30, 2015

It All Works Out in the End

My oldest is now 36 years old. My pregnancy was a mixed blessing. The positive was that we were finally having the baby we had given up on having. The not so positive was that I was fired from a job I really wanted due to the pregnancy.
I was a teacher, and this was a new job at a new school based entirely on Adlerian Psychology. It was right up my alley. I was incredibly thrilled to be offered the position and equally devastated when I lost it. Adding salt to the wound was the fact that my husband, also a teacher, was able to keep his position at this school.
It was a very hard pregnancy with complications that could have resulted in my losing the baby. It was emotionally grueling because I was devastated to have lost my job and frustrated having my husband keep his.
It all worked out. There were some tough times for sure, but the joy that little guy brought to my life has been incredible. He lives several states away, and we talk or text all the time.
Motherhood isn't easy. Babies are demanding little beings. They turn our lives inside out and back again, but they are wonderful additions to our lives.


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