Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Mama Lion

I guess I always knew I wanted children and that never changed even when I met my husband who is 15 years older than l am. We talked about having children and he had said that he didn't want any more children. He had two from his first marriage and his divorce was so bad that he didn't think he ever wanted to get married again, let alone have more children. I told him that this was a deal breaker for me and when I was offered a job in Las Vegas I moved for 11 months.
This was very tough for me at 23 years old. I was leaving my family and a man I loved.
After many flights back to San Francisco, I decided to move back home.
We had many ups and downs for two years and then we decided to get married. He said that he would agree to one child.  His mother and father had 15 children who were raised in San Francisco.
My husband had talked to his mother before asking me to marry him and he said, " Mama I am not really sure that I want another child." And this was her reply "What are you worried about? She will raise your child and God provides a loaf of bread for every child born."
My oldest, D was born when I was 31 years old and 18 months later we had L.
My husband is a great Dad and loves all of his children and is so glad that he ended up with two more.
The minute a child is born, a mother looks into their eyes and at that moment, she knows that she will protect them and love them for the rest of her life.
A mother becomes the protector like a lion is with her cubs.
No one can break that bond.
I love my children to the moon and back.
A baby grows under your heart and they stay in your heart until you leave this earth.
Laura Tripoli Fabela 

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